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Cybersecurity is a constantly changing landscape of risk mitigation and prevention. We'll assess your security profile, identify gaps, create a plan for cyber maturity, and work with your team as partners.

Our team of experts in Security Operations, Compliance and Risk management, and Business Continuity will collaborate with your CISO, CIO, and Director of Information Security to implement the right technology. We'll also provide 24/7 monitoring through our XDR services.

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Data categories that we most frequently identify:

Team Members Skills

Attorneys Experts

Privacy Experts

Data Security Experts

Computer Forensics Experts

eDiscovery Experts

Data Analytics Experts

Data Science Experts

Technology Automation Experts

Multilingual Document Review Rxperts

Quality control is at the core of everything we do. We use numerous tools and technologies for QC while most others are using error-prone humans. Our teams traditionally operate 100% remotely from a secure environment ensuring little to no ramp-up time required.

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Incident Response

Recover, Restore and Rebound.

If your company falls victim to a cyber attack, our team of cybersecurity experts is here to help. Our experienced professionals areavailable 24/7 to quickly detect, respond, and recover from any cyber incident. We understand that cyber threats are ever-evolvingand can occur for a variety of reasons, whether it's due to an acquisition, a change in leadership, or any other reason.

Our incident response service uses the latest tools and techniques to identify the nature and scope of the attack, contain the damage,and start the process of recovery. We work closely with you to provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the incident.

Don't wait until it's too late to protect your business. Good cyber hygiene, including pen testing, vulnerability scanning, and table-topexercises, are essential to proactive cybersecurity. Contact us today to learn more about how our incident response service canprovide you with the expertise and resources you need to effectively respond to any cyber incident and minimize its impact.

DCube and our team of experts can also support your team with temporary resource augmentation on a short-term or long-termengagement. Whether you're a corporation or service provider, we understand the evolving landscape of requirements and changinghuman resource needs. Our team is here to support you through our partnership and fidelity. Contact us today to learn more.

Cyber Maturity & Assessment

Empowering Your Organization with Tailored Solutions for Cyber Maturity and Security

Cyber Security and Cyber Maturity are constantly evolving targets for every organization. To ensure security, it's crucial to have a complete understanding of where an organization stands today. At DCube, we believe that cyber assessment and creating a path to maturity are essential for all types of organizations.

We offer a comprehensive approach to cyber maturity and assessment, tailored to the unique needs and risk profiles of each organization. We understand that Healthcare and Financial service companies have different compliance regulations and threat landscapes, and we take these factors into account.

Our experienced team begins by conducting a comprehensive review of your organization's cybersecurity policies, procedures, and technologies, including network and system configurations, firewalls, access controls, and incident response plans. We review your organization's cybersecurity governance and risk management practices in partnership with your security team, walking with you every step of the way.

Once the review is complete, we provide remediation and action items on how to improve and create a path forward. Our team works with your team to outline our observations, recommendations, and a roadmap for improving your organization's cybersecurity posture.

At DCube, we understand that organizations may face a changing landscape of requirements and evolving human resource needs. That's why we offer temporary resource augmentation on a short-term or long-term engagement basis. Our team is committed to supporting your organization through our partnership and fidelity.

XDR & Automation

Managed extended Detection & Response

At DCube, we understand the importance of proactive cybersecurity in today's cyber landscape. Our Managed XDR service uses a combination of threat hunting, security monitoring and engineering skills of our cyber security experts.

Our Managed XDR solution integrates data from various security tools and sources to provide a comprehensive and holistic view of potential security threats across your organization's network. With advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation, our Managed XDR platform can detect and respond to threats quickly and effectively, minimizing the risk of a successful cyber-attack.

At DCube, we are committed to providing you with the best cybersecurity solutions to protect your business. Our Managed XDR services are designed to help you stay ahead of potential threats and ensure the security of your sensitive data.

SOC Monitoring

Cyber Security Operations & Incident Response

Our team of experienced SOC analysts uses advanced monitoring tools and techniques to keep a constant eye on your cyber landscape. We proactively monitor & respond to incidents before they become a problem, minimizing downtime, and protecting your sensitive data from cyber threats.

At DCube, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer flexible and scalable SOC monitoring solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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